Retail at a glance
Raphaël Palti

"Successful retail is that which enables the client to be successful"

Retail at a glance

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  • Paper’s return to favour

    With the emergence and sheer volume of digital media – whether in terms of the press, culture, marketing or sales industries – you’d be forgiven for thinking that paper is destined for the scraphea

    29 January 2018

  • Successful retail is that which enables the client to be successful

    For a long time, I have been convinced that retailers have everything to gain from supporting their clients to better serve them.

    29 December 2017

  • The bright future of physical retail

    Since its birth, fifteen years ago, the growth of e-commerce has been rapid. And this year, once more, the share of online sales is expected to enjoy two-figure growth worldwide.

    28 December 2017

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"Amazon intéressé par le rachat de certains magasins Toys''R''us aux Etats unis. #brick & mo…

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"Why is Lowe's struggling to turn shoppers into customers? via @RetailDive

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"RT @GroupeCarrefour: Carrefour accélère sur le #digital avec le déploiement en magasin de #CarrefourPay sa solution de paiement mobile #mco…

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