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Raphaël Palti


"Now, the constant ability to seize opportunities and grasp the spirit of the moment to show agility and responsiveness on a daily basis, is becoming retailers’ most important concern..

Long phases are over! On-line comments, a new application, an inventive experience offered by a competitor...these can turn the most well-established models upside down.

The era of indiscriminately imposing a sales activation plan on one and all is over. Everything lies in the art and style of addressing each individual, in every place, at every time, with differentiated and competitive tools, whether physical or digital, in perfect harmony with the brand or company's DNA.

We have known it for a long time, but now more than ever, success depends on a moment of magic and serendipity between retailer and customer, a special kind of alchemy born of creativity, careful execution, and a multitude of behind-the-scenes adjustments and crucial details. "



About the author

Founder and CEO of ALTAVIA, Raphael PALTI created the ALTAVIA group in 1983, based on an initial model of advertising and promotional advertising agency. He was then 24 years old. After graduating at ESLSCA, he began his career in several advertising groups (Publicis and Eurocom in particular) before founding the Altavia group.

Raphael Palti's career is closely tied to that of the ALTAVIA group, which he has built through meetings, creations and takeovers of companies in almost all areas of sales communication at the service of retailers. Within the ALTAVIA group, Raphaël Palti continues to do strategic consulting with certain clients.

Altavia is today the leading international & independent communications group dedicated to retail and operates in 27 countries and 43 cities around the world, Altavia achieved a turnover of 700 million euros in 2016, with more than 1,800 employees.

Born in France, in Saint-Nazaire (Loire Atlantique) in 1958, Raphaël Palti is married with 6 children.