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NOUS anti-gaspi

12 March 2019


"All together, let's become the anti-waste avengers!" Such is the motto of young company "NOUS anti-gaspi".

Through a mini-market dedicated to unsold goods, its promise is twofold: to fight against waste and to improve spending power.

For this purpose, products that cannot be sold through traditional trade channels are collected from industrialists and producers. They include, for instance, poorly graded fruit and vegetables called "ugly" or fresh products whose expiry date has passed slightly but can still be eaten.

If the offer is attractive to customers (20% to 30% cheaper), it is above all thanks to the company's business model that allows them to buy the products 30% to 40% cheaper than they would in a traditional distribution channel.

Although appealing for these reduced prices, the "NOUS Anti-Gaspi" offer is also very successful with consumer citizens who are committed to fighting waste and who are ready to put common sense into their consumption.

I am convinced that this is a great initiative that will grow rapidly!

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