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31 May 2019


NomadX (pronounced "Nomadz") is the new retail brand operated by the CapitaLand group, one of the largest real estate companies in Asia.

This phygital and multi-brand concept occupies a 2 level 1000m2 space in the Plaza Singapura shopping centre in Singapore. Taobao (Alibaba group, home and decoration products), JBL (loudspeakers), Oo La Lab (cosmetics) and Karl Lagerfeld are already hosted by the store... What is this strange place that attracts even the most famous brands?

NomadX is above all a unique store concept that adapts to the customer by offering a 100% personalized experience, via a facial recognition tool connected to their loyalty account. Once the customer is recognized, a shopping itinerary is suggested on their smartphone with their own selection of products, as well as their in-store journey. During their first visit, the customer is invited to join one of the four customer paths: "sea" (the enigmatic shopper), "mountain" (the conquer-it-all shopper), "forest" (the love-the-earth shopper) and "wind" (the live-it-up shopper).

Thanks to the collected data on the customer, the phygital concept allows a fine personalization in the relationship with them. The technological interaction then creates the feeling that the shopping experience, as well as the associated journey, are unique and personalized according to individual tastes. Shopping is then perceived as a social activity, discovery, experience and commercial reward.

This is an original and promising initiative from the real estate giant, which will certainly reach the consum'actors® that we are!


*Unidentified commercial object

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