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Maison Sajou

02 July 2019

Maison Sajou

The business is one of the oldest in the world, dating back to the Middle Ages. At the time, we used to say they were "merchants of everything, a doers of nothing." Mercerers used to sell items manufactured by others, unlike craftsmen who only sold their own production. That was what made them strong, original and wealthy.

Located in the heart of the Sentier area of Paris, the Sajou Mercerie was founded in the 1800s, when its creator Jacques Simon Sajou came up with the idea of printing small embroidery albums at a very affordable price. The brand, which had fallen into disuse since 1954, was relaunched online by Frédérique Crestin-Billet in 2014.

As a result: a large shop bursting with colour, warmed up by beautiful craft furniture, makes its place among Parisian ready-to-wear wholesalers, but not only: the brand is more famous in the USA and Japan than in France !

In recent years, there has been an improvement in this market. Haberdasheries are resurfacing in the city centres as they surf on the Do It Yourself (DIY) wave. It is no longer necessity that rules, but pleasure. For example, Sajou offers sewing lessons with the aim of passing on know-how and making people discover the textile heritage and the world of old haberdasheries.

For the Company, the keys to success are therefore: proximity to the customer, the family spirit that reigns there and the website that ensures an international reach. In short, it is a real enchantment of retail!


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